Letters to the editor Nov. 26

When is Obama going to declare Marshall Law?

I'm wondering if it isn't about time to start the lottery as to when our illustrious leader is going to suspend our Constitution and Bill of Rights and declare Marshall Law.

I think just a little more so-called dissension and occupation of public property will be the excuse.

Virgil Ball


Student thankful

for Dr. Kubistant

As a former student of Dr. Kubistant, I need to attest to the character of this man as an educator.

In Dr. Kubistant's classes, not only does he grant his students the utmost respect, but he also demands that his students share the same respect with each other. He is a man of credibility, and is able to create a learning environment where classmates become friends. It is a rare quality to find in an educator at the collegiate level who makes himself so readily available to student.

On the first day of class, as well as throughout the semester, Dr. Kubistant makes a point to inform his students that they have the option to drop the class should they find the content uncomfortable. The content of Dr. Kubistant's human sexuality course encourages students to get to know themselves in an extremely intimate fashion; however, Dr. Kubistant is adamant about maintaining an individual's level of comfort while encouraging personal growth.

It is no easy task, especially with the political correctness that is required of all working in any professional setting, to take on teaching the subject of sexuality.

As Ms. Royce points out, sexuality is personal and unique to each of us, and this is possibly the biggest lesson Dr. Kubistant taught me in his class. This lesson is applicable to all aspects of life - spiritual, cultural and political - which perhaps is not taught enough in schools.

I am thankful for the education I received from Dr. Kubistant.

Kendra Simms

Carson City


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