Penn State should be allowed to go bowling

Much of my free time is spent watching or listening to ESPN. Probably not a huge surprise to anybody who really knows me.

I was amazed when several creditable journalists said that Penn State shouldn't be allowed to play in a bowl game this season.

Say what?

Come on people, you can't punish a whole bunch of kids who didn't have anything to do with the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the lack of action taken by PSU officials. I get mad just typing his name.

Penn State should be allowed to play in any bowl game it gets invited to. I'm thinking it probably will be the Outback Bowl.

The one thing I will say is that Penn State should and probably will clean house and bring in a whole new coaching staff for the 2012 season. If that is going to happen, it better happen right after the season ends, so the new coach can start recruiting.


It's interesting how right after this Sandusky thing started that another molestation from two former Syracuse ballboys surfaced regarding Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine.

Coincidence? I honestly don't know.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bernie Fine back when Luke Babbitt was being recruited by every school in the country. He was in the Galena High locker room after a game of the Maldanado Tournament along with ex-UNR coach Mark Fox and an assistant from a Pac-12 school.

I found Fine to be very friendly and very pleasant.


It was nice to see Tiger Woods playing well the last few days of the Presidents Cup, and even more gratifying to see him get a key win in his final singles match of the event.

Tiger is good for the game of golf. Heck, even the players know that when he's playing that he gives the game more credibility and higher TV ratings.

Fred Couples took a lot of heat for making Tiger a captain's pick, and Tiger's play vindicated that decision.

Whether Tiger gets back to where he's winning four or five tournaments a year remains to be seen. I'd just like to see him contend every week. You won't find a guy that works harder at his game than Tiger.


Former Carson High soccer star Brandi Vega was recently on television when the WSU Cougars played Washington, and according to the Carson coaching staff, the commentators were very complimentary of her play.

The Cougars finished 12-7-4. Vega finished with six goals and five assists. She was second on the team in goals and tied for first in assists.

Carson High coach Randy Roser remarked that some of the younger players on his team didn't know who Vega was. How can anybody in Carson with ties to soccer not know who Brandi Vega is?

That's the younger generation for you.


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