Sam Bauman: Anyone for watercolors?



Here’s a note that may strike some seniors with a hankering try water color painting. The Carson City Senior Center has a noteworthy program that hasn’t been given much notice. This should change that.

Lada Trimble is at the center on Wednesday mornings to help seniors learn and enjoy the art of water color painting. Water coloring can be tricky, but Lada smooths out some of the blotches.

The modest class cost includes all the water colors, brushes and traced artwork ready to be painted. This is more reasonable than other water color classes, which doesn’t include any paints, brushes or samples of artwork to paint. Lada has years of education and experience in painting and teaching. She can be reached at 882-6061.

Carson TV

I recently met Darla Bayer at Park and Recreation’s Roger Mollendorf’s fun outdoor party for folk song artists Tom May and Chris Kennedy and she promised to update me on changes coming to Carson City’s TV station, formerly known at CC Television but is now Carson TV. I wasn’t even aware that we had a TV station in town until she told me to tune on channels 191 and 193. I did and they’re there. Bayer writes:

“The only TV station in Carson City is Access Carson City Television, better known as ACCtv, Public Access and Government Access.

The new name truly fits the bill, Carson TV. Simplified and easier to remember, the name tells it all.

“Carson TV is broadcast over Charter Cable channels 191, for Government and 193, for public access.

A simulcast is made on If you do not have Charter Cable but do have Internet access you can view all programming online from where ever you are. Many programs shown on Carson TV are also available Video On Demand.

“Carson TV’s home with the Brewery Arts Center provides a unique opportunity to the community to learn multiple styles of video and digital arts, providing content for a new show.

“With the name change comes a once-a-week news program for Carson City residents. Now you may tune in to Carson TV at 4:30 p.m. for the half-hour Carson TV News. This show, anchored by Cortney Bloomer, is produced in the Media Center, a department of the Brewery Arts Center.

“The half-hour show will be rebroadcast again on Monday at 7:30 p.m. and daily at 4:30 p.m. and varying early day slots found listed in our TV Guide in the online Nevada Appeal and on”

A personal thank you note

Last Friday I shopped at Smith’s Supermarket, came home. Saturday morning I searched in vain for my wallet, not in its usual place. I searched my car without luck and returned to Smith’s lost and found. The young lady looked in a couple of drawers with no luck.

I went home and searched again all day long with no success.

I was ready to try to alert the credit card companies Sunday when I thought I would give Smith’s another try. I did and a different crew of two came up in a minute with wallet, intact with perhaps $150 in cash. I wanted to give someone a reward but the ladies couldn’t pin down who turned it in.

So in lieu of reward, a heartfelt thanks to the staff at Smith’s.

Seniors Need a wheelchair?

Wayne Wilson may be able to help seniors who need help on getting around. He can come up with a wheelchair for those who don’t have other m means of gaining mobility. Give him a call at (775) 885-7351.

Sam Bauman writes about senior issues for the Nevada Appeal.


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