It really is that simple

Wherever you may live, if you’re making the federal minimum wage, or slightly more, and want a $2 an hour raise, vote for the Democrats. If you support extending unemployment insurance, vote for the Democrats.

If you don’t want a raise and don’t care if the Republicans do away with the minimum wage, then vote for them. If you don’t believe in unemployment insurance, vote for them. It really is that simple. Read on; other issues might cause you not to vote for the GOP.

If you can’t afford it and need health insurance, Medicaid can now help in many states. If you have children aged 18-26 who are now covered by your insurance, thank the Democrats. The Affordable Care Act , aka Obamacare, if you must, has now been responsible for 10 million uninsured citizens getting health insurance. To keep the ACA you must vote for responsible Democrats. It’s that simple. The Republicans have voted to repeal the ACA over 50 times. If the natio’ns healthcare doesn‘t concern you, vote for the do-nothing Republicans.

If ending Social Security would be a disaster for you, you positively must vote for the Democrats. The Republicans, who are supporting Social Security, would end it by privatizing the system. If you don’t care about Social Security for yourself or seniors, then go ahead and vote for Republican extremists. It’s that simple.

If you’re on Medicare, you absolutely must vote for the Democrats. Plain and simple. Medicare is a major target of Republicans. They want to privatize Medicare, effectively destroying the program. If you don’t give a darn about Medicare, because you don’t need it and you don’t care one iota about those who do, then I imagine you’ll vote for the Republicans.

If you understand war is the last option when differences between nations occur, you should vote for the Democrats. If you don’t, then vote for the party of Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain. They seem to want to go to war at the drop of a hat. You can sing along with McCain “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

If you don’t want tax dollars spent supporting private schools, or you don’t want your child taught a religion different than yours while in public schools, you should vote for the Democrats. If you want tax payers to support sending kids to expensive private schools or religion taught in public schools, you’ll have to vote Republican.

If you’re against the draconian measures Republican governors or state houses have taken to make it more difficult for minorities and seniors to vote in order to battle a non-existent voter fraud problem, vote Democratic. In Philadelphia some minority voters must ride the transit for an hour and then walk another half mile or so just to get to their new polling place. Standing in long lines and waiting 5-8 hours to vote is outrageous and not American. Vote for the Democrats in your state houses and governorships to put an end to these outlandish efforts to deter some voters. If you support these Jim Crow tactics, or you’re a plain old simple-minded bigot, you’ll vote for extremists Republicans.

If you favor reasonable and environmentally safe oil and gas extraction and transportation, vote for the Democrats. Oil and gas extraction in Pennsylvania damaged water supply 200 times in 2007. Many other states have a similar problem. If you believe in clean air, water, climate change and protecting our environment, the Democrats are the better choice. If you don’t give a hoot about the environment and think climate change is a joke, you’ll vote for Sarah Palin’s extremists Tea Party candidates.

If you support reasonable gun laws, such as background checks, and believe that more guns on the street, in classrooms, theaters or shopping malls is not the answer, and if you understand that the Constitution also gives you the right “NOT” to bear arms, you’ll vote for the Democrats. Some worship NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre and want to arm everyone and end gun regulations. Republicans in Missouri passed a law forcing teachers to carry guns to class. It was vetoed by the Governor. If you support mandatory gun possession, you’ll vote for Republican extremists.

If you believe in science, vote for the Democrats. If you don’t, vote for the “don’t bother us with facts” Tea Party Republicans.

The pro-Democrat Party positions in this article are moderate, not liberal. If you’re a moderate, like me, the Democrats are your best choice.

If you are a woman, or gay, there’s no other sane choice but the Democrats. It really is that simple.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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