The city of Fallon has issued the following business licenses in July 2014.

Barn House; Retail; Bu & Ma: 270 South Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-8949; Owner: Alyce Campbell.

New Cyber Solutions, LLC; Consulting; Bu: C/O 235 South Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: P.O Box 1738; Fallon, Nevada, 89407;224-3730; Owner: Kenneth Donaldson.

Pizza Factory; Food; Bu: 2199 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 555 Grey Eagle Lane; Fernley, Nevada, 89408; 775-867-4992; Owner: Crusty’s Inc.

Remax Connections; Real Estate; Bu & Ma: 448 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-426-8152; Owner: Leslie Beach.

Saint Mary’s Medical Group, Inc.; Medical; Bu: 1020 New River Parkway; Ste 302; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 411 West 6th Street, Reno, Nevada, 89503; 775-770-7348; Owner: Prime Healthcare Services of Reno.

The Tungland Corporation; Supportive Living; Bu: 48 Commercial Way; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 4747 North 7th Street #300; Phoenix, Arizona, 85014; 602-606-8198; Owner: Robert W. Tungland II.

Closed Business

Fallon Powersports; 1725 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Churchill County has issued the following business licenses in July 2014.

Apex Grading & Paving, Inc.; Grading & Paving; Bu: 745 Silver Run Drive; Reno, Nevada, 89511; Ma: P.O Box 19045; 775-852-9701; Owner: C/O Licensing Compliance.

Ben F. Dotson Construction, Inc.; Construction; Bu: 76 North Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 900 Wildes Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-691-7942; Owner: Ben F. Dotson

Fixed; General Automotive Repair; Bu & Ma: 1085 Taylor Place; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 217-5832; Owner: Troy & Shelbe Seay.

G Works Painting, LLC; Painting and Drywall Contractor; 4265 Raven Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: P.O Box 6851; Fallon, Nevada, 89407-6851; 775-835-6636; Owner: Gerard Works.

GRS Computing, LLC; Computer Repair-Mobile; Bu: 3801 Atkins Street; Silver Springs, Nevada, 89429; Ma: P.O Box 788; Silver Springs, Nevada, 89429-0788; 877-937-8318; Owner: Garion Adams & Robert Morton.

J & L; Comprehensive Building Maintenance/ Janitorial; Bu: Trinity I-80 & Highway 95; Ma: 12955 Thunderbolt Drive; Reno, Nevada, 89511; 775-787-2192; Owner: Jessica Williams & De La Cruz.

Lil’ Rascals Home Daycare; Home Daycare; Bu: 4767 Rancheria Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-0428; Owner: Carolynne Daniels.

Sun leisure, Inc.; Pool Installation/Retail Store; Bu & Ma: 1016 Rock Boulevard; Spark, Nevada, 89431; 775-359-6073

Jessup Aggregates Corporation; Sand & Gravel Minig; Bu: 1-80 NW of Jessup Exit; Ma: P.O Box 801; Fernley, Nevada, 89408-0801; 775-575-4333; Owner: Donald W. Tibbals-President.

T.R Yard Maintenance; Lawn; Bu & Ma: 1935 Franklin Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-1521; Owner: Donald Rogne.

Thermasource Cementing, Inc.; Cementing Contractor; Bu: 2556 Beasley Drive; Ma: 3883 Airway Drive Ste 340; Santa Rosa, California, 95403; 707-636-5805; Owner: Attn Licensing Compliance.

Welch Energy Services; Oil, Gas & Geothermal Consultants; Bu & Ma: 645 Peaceful Way; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-1426; Owner: Virgil Welch.

Churchill County has terminated the following business licenses in July 2014.

A & A Service and Repair; Handyman; Bu & Ma: 5095 Greeley Avenue; Silver Springs, Nevada, 89429; 775-223-3020; Owner: Allen Reich

All Seasons Lawn Inc.; Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance; Bu: 657 Twin Lakes Drive; Reno, Nevada, 89504; Ma: P.O Box 41358; Reno, Nevada, 89504; 775-329-1531: Attn. Licensing Compliance; Owner: Delfidio Aguilar.

Buttsup Duck Designs, LLC; Custom Imprinted Apparel; Bu & Ma: 4521 St. Claire Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-3073; Owner: Kelly Cambell.

Debra D. Hess; Office Administrative Services; Bu & Ma: 1775 Potpourri Drivel Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 217-7673; Debra D. Hess.

Farren’s Cleaning; Cleaning; Bu: 6990 Schaffer Lane; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 1021 Angela Court; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-427-5173; Owners: David & Daina Farren.

Giovanetti Consstruction Company; Contractor-Residential & Small Commercial; 5871 Reno Highway; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 5885 Hooper Place; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-867-2006; Owner: Ronald Giovanetti.

Halliburton Energy Services Inc.; Oilfield Services; 1990 Hays Lane; Woodlands, California; Ma: 2107 Citywest Boulevard; Houston, Texas, 77042; 713-839-4592;Owner: Attn. C/O Corporate Licensing Department.

Mulrooney Auction Company; Auction Company; Bu: Reno Highway APN 008-411-53; Ma: P.O Box 748; Galt, California, 95632; 209-481-2200; Owner: James Mulrooney.

Nevada Outfitter; Gunsmith/ Sporting Good Sales; Bu: 935 Mc Lean Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 7655 Corso Street; Reno, Nevada, 89506-003; 775-721-6298; Owner: Michael Kidwell.

Western Pavement Solutions; Asphalt Emulsion Mfg FAC (Portable); Bu 11000 Reno Highway; Ma: 135 South State College Boulevard; 702-405-1557; Owner: Attn. Licensing Compliance; Dave Martinez.

WRS Enterprises, dba, Wilds Manor; Bu: 980 Wilds Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 19200 Rocky Road; Reno, Reno, Nevada, 89521; 775-358-8782; Owner: Wendell R. Sparks.


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