Commissioners approve potential disc golf course

The map represents the layout of the disc golf course in the Onda Verde I subdivision off of Coleman Road.

The map represents the layout of the disc golf course in the Onda Verde I subdivision off of Coleman Road.

Churchill County Commissioners approved at their Thursday meeting a proposal for a disc (frisbee) golf course on county-owned property.

The Fallon Disc Golf Association, represented by Tom Fleming, is attempting to establish a disc golf course in Churchill County for use by association members, the public and potential disc golf tournaments.

Fleming said he has been playing disc golf for about four or five years and has noticed the growing interest in the sport.

“Disc golf has become incredibly popular throughout the country and even in Nevada,” Fleming said. “There is a course in Dayton on the Carson River that I usually play at. Lake Tahoe has several but recently Carson City and Reno have added some courses to their area. This game is growing fast.”

Fleming said the Fallon association is in the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization.

“The purpose of the organization will be to promote the creation of an 18-hold disc golf course in the county,” he said. “We have already found a great location for the course, which is located around the Onda Verde I subdivision off of Coleman Road.”

The association and Boy Scouts will work together to acquire donations for the materials needed for the course, Fleming said.

“The Boy Scouts will volunteer to fundraise and assemble the baskets and tea pads needed for the course, and that will allow them to complete their volunteer hours they need for their projects,” Fleming said.

Fleming said the association and scouts will take full responsibility for funding the building of the course and equipment.

“The association will take on the primary maintenance responsibilities,” Fleming said. “Several disc golf associations all over the country hold regular maintenance days with members and we intend to do the same.”

Fleming said the association is prepared to pay for the liability insurance that isn’t covered by the county’s own insurance.

Jorge Guerrero, Parks and Recreation director, said he thinks the disc golf course would be a great idea, but he has a few reservations.

“I know this is a trending sport and I’ve recently considered putting a small course up at a county operated park but there are a few things that might limit us to do this,” Guerrero said. “We are very limited on funding and staff. As of right now we perform maintenance on that site once or twice a year and we typically borrow equipment to get the clean up done.”

Guerrero said other concerns are limiting access for individuals exiting the river and constructing a new gravel parking lot.

After further discussion commissioners made a motion to direct staff to develop a lease agreement between Churchill County and Fallon Disc Golf Association for use of the county owned properties as a disc golf course.

Other items commissioners approved or discussed included the following:

Approved Bill 2014-D, Ordinance 113, amending Churchill County code to prohibit medical marijuana establishments in Churchill County and other matters properly related thereto, with an effective date of Sept. 1.

Approved county to re-appoint Kris Hadley and Bill Andrews to the Parks and Recreation Commission to fill terms that expire June 30, 2018, and re-appoint Gene Young to the Parks and Recreation Commission to fill a term that expires July 30, 2018.

Approved the financing of purchase of a dozer with an inter-fund loan from the Building Reserve Fund. Noting that the loan would be for $250,000 at an interest rate of 1.99 percent. The loan would be paid with the apportionment of Federal PILT revenues and any greater than anticipated PILT revenues subsequently received would be used to pay off the inter-fund loan.

Approved the business license fee agreement between Churchill County and Southwest Gas Corporation for a term of 25 years.

Approved Community Development Block Grant totaling $90,000 for the Economic Development Plan and Implementation project, and further authorize the chair to enter into the Sub-Recipient Agreement with Northern Nevada Development Authority to carry out scope of work.

Approved Community Services Block Grant funds and authorize the director of Churchill County Social Services to sign the necessary agreements to proceed in providing general community action activities for FY15.

Approved Housing and Urban Development funds, as indicated by the signature of the chair of the Churchill County Board of Commissioners, awarded to Churchill County for the provision of the Primary Assistance and Transitional Housing grant.

Approved the director of Churchill County Social Services to negotiate the amendments of contracts with HUD for up to 10 percent to allow for Clarity HMIS access and authorize the chair to sign all amendments pertaining to HMIS through FY16.

Approved the contract with Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health to provide environmental services for FY16 and FY16.

Approved social service update indigent guidelines as submitted or revised and proceed to update Title 2 of the county code.

Approved budget transfer as submitted and make the transfer part of the official minutes of the board of county commissioners as required by the Local Government Budget Act.

Approved stated transfers as approved by Regional Transportation Commission.

Approved Resolution 19-2014 that augments the fiscal year 2013-2014 budget in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Budget Act in NRS chapter 354. Furthermore, direct the comptroller’s office to include changes in the next quarterly report to be submitted to the Department of Taxation to be in compliance with the applicable Nevada Revised Statutes.


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