Robbery suspect arrested

Nicholas Stockwell, 22, of Carson City was arrested on suspicion of burglary Thursday morning after workers at Wash Tubs Laundry on Highway 50 East charged he robbed their cash register.

One of the patrons followed the suspect, according to the arrest report, until deputies caught up to them on Selby Drive off of Woodside.

According to the report, Stockwell jumped a fence into the back yard of a house on La Loma Drive, ran across Terrace Park and jumped another fence into a home on Monte Rosa.

Deputies caught up with him and placed him under arrest.

The report charges him with burglary for prying open the drawer of the cash register and states the amount of money on his person matched the amount taken from the register.

It also charges him with destruction of property for breaking the fence of the home on Monte Rosa. Total bail was set at $25,750.


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