Politicians are responsible for immigration crisis

“Sovereignty” – geo-political sovereignty – is the condition of societal existence in which the internal affairs of a country are carried on free of foreign (external) control. The boundary over which a country exercises such dominion is zoned within a perimeter of borders — north, east, west, south — that delineates where the jurisdiction of its sovereignty begins and ends.

Nothing establishes a country as a country as does its borders. The borders of each country say to the other: Unless granted permission to enter - keep out. It falls to government to enforce that law. If, however, instead of intercepting encroachers at the country’s border, government posts an invitation to them reading: Walk-ins welcome. It voids that country’s sovereignty.

Thousands of children and teenagers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are the most recent influx of illegal immigrants into America. Their numbers are added to the adult immigrants already here illegally. And if you look through the gaping hole in our border, you will see the numerical nightmare our way comes. The next deluge of illegal immigrants is en route, following the beaten path of the millions who have previously stolen into this country. As they multiply and sprawl out across the land, opinions expressing opposition to their presence will face a menacing belligerence intended to frighten anti-amnesty Americans into silence and political passivity. Indeed, pro-amnesty activists have already armed their assaultive arguments with the foul-mouthed language of the “race card.”

They are spreading the horrendous lie opposition to amnesty is “a racist conspiracy to keep America white.” That race card lie can have no other purpose than to polarize the diverse population of America against itself. It’s the politics of “divide and conquer.”

I have no doubt but the immigrant invasion of America is a crisis created by politicians. I am persuaded by common sense that, but for the deliberate decision not to do so, our open border is closable. I expressed as much back in 2010 in my article, “The political-corporate symbiosis.” I wrote: “…our illegal immigration problem – now crisis size – was once very much smaller. The problem grew to society-threatening proportions because our political leaders exploited it as a cheap means of amassing political power. They indulged their political greediness at the expense of America’s security. By refusing to secure the border, they imposed upon us a forced cohabitation with a population of illegal immigrants that could have and should have been turned back at the border.”

Politicians reject the charge they are the causal agents of our immigration crisis. They blame America’s “broken immigration laws” for the problem. I’m not buying it! I’m not buying it for the reason that no matter how tactless the rules for entering my home might be, they are my rules and it’s my home. If I charge you the admission price of being naked to enter my home, then so be it. From there, the choice is up to you. As it goes for my home, so it goes for my homeland. The sovereignty thereof sanctions the exclusivity of America’s right to set the terms for immigrant admission into this country.

America’s immigration laws are not “broken,” they are being broken; America’s immigration laws do not need “fixing,” they need enforcing. On Aug. 3, U.S. Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr., age 36, was shot dead. Two illegal immigrants, Gustavo Tijernia, 30, and Ismael Hernandez, 40, were arrested for capital murder for the killing. Both of the illegal immigrants had been arrested and returned back to Mexico several times, but always crossed the border back into America within a few days of of being removed.

Our immigration laws make it a felony to re-enter this country illegally after once being removed. That is the law, but the law was never enforced. So it’s that, by refusing to close the border and enforce the immigration laws of this country, our government is in the process of voiding the geo-political sovereignty of the nation. You can see with your own eyes this betrayal has subjected America to a border-crashing free-for-all.


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