Cheers & Kudos: Local business supports livestock sale at Sesquicentennial Fair

Sophia Ruedy shows "Heracles" at the NV 150 fair.

Sophia Ruedy shows "Heracles" at the NV 150 fair.

Thank you to Charlie and Karen Abowd of Adele’s Restaurant for purchasing Julia Ruedy’s Reserve Grand Champion Steer during the livestock auction at the 2014 Nevada Sesquicentennial Fair.

Adele’s generosity helps support local 4-H and FFA programs. “Heracles” was a locally raised, grass fed Black Angus. The sale allows Julia to continue raising a high quality local product. Steer shown by her sister, Sophia Ruedy, as Julia is in Germany for a short-term Rotary Exchange.

Shawn Ruedy

Carson City


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