Bently Ranch launches online store

Bently Ranch launched an online store for home delivery.

Bently Ranch launched an online store for home delivery.

Bently Ranch, founded in 1997 and operated by Christopher Bently, today announced the launch of the Bently Ranch Meats online store.

Bently Ranch Meats’ line of dry-aged, certified natural and hormone-free grass fed beef was previously only available locally. With the launch of the online store, consumers can now order beef products directly through Bently Ranch Meats’ user-friendly website,

Shipping costs to the Western U.S. including California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington are included in the price of the meat, with no additional cost for standard shipping requests. All orders east of New Mexico incur additional costs. Products are shipped overnight to California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and shipped two-days to New Mexico and Arizona. Bently Ranch Meats’ online store has been designed so custom packages and requests can be fulfilled in most instances within two days of order receipt, with each order packaged with ice and shipped in an insulated cooler.

“We’re delighted to open Bently Ranch Meats’ official online store after an incredibly successful sales period through our local and wholesale channels. We’re pleased to know our delicious, high-quality meats can now be a part of everyday family gatherings as well as special occasions across the country,” said Matt McKinney, general manager of Bently Ranch.

Bently Ranch is recognized for its sustainable cattle, crops and compost production, guided by the principle that impeccable beef can be produced in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. Originally raising cattle in Northern California and Nevada’s Carson Valley for the commodity market, Bently Ranch, under Christopher Bently’s management, became a pioneer in the sustainable farming industry, introducing groundbreaking green initiatives throughout the ranch, including the installation of controlled irrigation equipment, used to bolster water conservation efforts. Today, Bently Ranch is at the forefront of green and humane practices for animal production and supply, ensuring every step in growing cattle and farming land is dedicated to quality and incorporating several innovative cattle management techniques. Some of these techniques include moving herds to fresh pastures as needed, in order to maintain the health of the grasses, and the resulting beef; allowing cattle to grow at their natural rate and never feeding grains to speed weight gain, which eliminates the need for antibiotics; removing cows that require medicine of any kind from the program so they are not included in the Ranch’s supply; allowing cowboys to play a vital role in the lives of the Ranch’s cattle by introducing them early and often so the cattle are able to acclimate to the presence of humans, ultimately reducing stress; and monitoring the herds to ensure that any problems are caught quickly, ideally reducing the need for interventions.

Bently Ranch Meats’ grass fed beef is graded in the range of Choice and Select. The tender and flavorful meat is a result of the breeds used at the Ranch, the dry-aging process, and the cattle’s natural diet.

Bently Ranch Meats’ beef is dry-aged for three weeks, kept at or near freezing temperatures, prior to packaging, allowing the flavors to develop and concentrate while natural enzymes tenderize the meat. Though the dry-aging process is more expensive from a production standpoint, Bently Ranch Meats is committed to this practice to deliver the most tender beef products to its customers. Following the aging process, the meat is cut and wrapped and kept well below freezing maintaining strict quality standards for the duration of the storage process.

Bently Ranch’s cattle are prized Angus and Herford crosses, bred with Charlois bulls. Bently Ranch breeds roughly a thousand head of Angus, Hereford, and Charlois cattle, all of which thrive in the high desert environment. All cows are Certified Natural, Certified Hormone Free, grass fed and grass finished and rated GAP Level 4 by IMI Global, the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standard, a distinction assuring that the cows are pasture-centered and inhabit an enriched and uncrowded environment.

Products from Bently Ranch Meats are currently available for purchase online and from the ranch office. For more information, visit the Bently Ranch Meats store at or call (775) 782-4513.

For more information about Bently Ranch, visit


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