Chamber News & Views: Even Monday Morning Quarterbacks loved the Fair

Our future farmers, 4-H kids and local beauty queens share a patriotic moment at the NV150Fair.

Our future farmers, 4-H kids and local beauty queens share a patriotic moment at the NV150Fair.

I have always been fascinated by those folks referred to as Monday Morning Quarterbacks. You know, the folks who always could have done it better “after” the event or while the event is taking place. These are the folks who have absolutely no idea what it takes to run an event, but certainly are loud and clear about what they “would have done.”

It’s been three weeks now since the NV150Fair, and today people are still taking about how much they enjoyed the event and how family friendly it was. Sure, there were the few expected MMQ’s who think things their way would have been better, but, of course, they weren’t around to give their sage advice before the fair. Overall, the comments were positive and there is a continued call for an annual fair.

Judge Robey Willis was right when he declared Carson City fully capable of bringing an old-fashioned county fair to Fuji Park. Deputy City Manager Marena Works took up the challenge and promptly assembled a committee, hired professional fair manager Susan Taylor and told the world the fair was going to happen.

Many fairgoers were wowed by Fuji Park. Most know only one section of the park and rarely has it been featured as a whole. While the initial thought was the site would be too small to accommodate a fair, it was proven otherwise. The walk from the fairgrounds to the west end where the farm animals were housed proved to be quite a trek. And, the good news is that there is still room to grow.

While there are many folks to thank including the generous funding by the Board of Supervisors and Redevelopment Authority Citizens Committee, it was really the commitment of Works and Taylor who brought the NV150Fair to fruition. As with most committees, the large committee grew smaller and smaller, leaving just a few dedicated organizers who learned as they went along.

Those who believed in the idea of a regional fair were the generous financial supporters who didn’t sit back and wait to see whether the fair would be a success. The generous contributions by Douglas County government, Dick Campagni’s Toyota/Scion/Capital Ford dealerships, Carson City Chamber, Downtown Business Association, Greater Nevada Credit Union, Cal Ranch, Costco Wholesale, Nevada Ag Foundation, Northern Nevada Dairymen and Dynamic Diversified Development certainly helped defray some of the costs. The visitor’s bureau handled all the advertising and public relations helping to get the word out.

It seemed parking would be a major hurdle when NDOT refused to allow parking near the fair site. Much to the relief of the fair committee, Court Cardinal, General Manager of the Casino Fandango complex and community supporter, offered his land. The less than ½ mile ride to the fairgrounds was smoothly handled by JAC and the buses were full during fair hours.

The free community event highlighted the dedication of city staff, some generous businesses and the willingness of the Carson Chamber and Visitors Bureau to take an active role in making certain the first time Fair would be a success.

A regional Fair would not be an attraction or a success without the outstanding 4-H and Future Farmers of America kids showcasing their animals. These enthusiastic fresh-faced kids will be feeding us in the future.

Thank you Carson City Board of Supervisors and, most especially, Deputy Manager Marena Works for giving the gift of a regional Fair to residents as your contribution to Nevada’s 150th birthday! The MMQ’s are offering a few suggestions, but overall even they have little to say other than “job well done!” n


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