Douglas Co. officials seeking information about three fires

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office are looking for information on three suspicious fires that were started in the Gardnerville Ranchos early Sunday morning.

At 1:39 a.m. Sunday, DSCO and the East Fork Fire responded to a vegetation fire in the vacant lot behind 1309 Langley Avenue. The fire ignited a NV Energy power pole that threatened power to the 16 unit apartment building at that address as well as a fence.

East Fork Fire & Paramedic Districts firefighters suppressed the fire, and NV Energy responded to keep power on at the apartments. While on scene a, second fire was reported behind the Frontier Telephone Exchange located south on Tillman Avenue from the Langley street address.

As firefighters responded to the scene, another fire was reported in a vacant field further south along Tillman Ave. All 3 fires were quickly extinguished.

Damage to the apartment house electrical system, fence and exterior wall is estimated to be about $2,500.

Damage to the NV Energy pole and equipment is unknown at this time.

The investigation continues.

Neighbors reported seeing young male(s) in the vicinity, prior to discovering the fires. If anyone has any information, please call Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Investigations at 782- 9905 or Douglas County Dispatch at 782-5126.


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