Four charged with assault and gang activities

Two men and two women face felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon after Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong made a traffic stop for speeding and was told by the driver that someone was shooting at his girlfriend.

Deputies dispatched to the scene at 1505 Edmonds Drive were told two men were shooting at members of the Lima Street gang.

The girlfriend, when located, told deputies two men and a woman approached her vehicle and one pulled a small handgun. She said she was scared and drove away, hearing several gunshots and what sounded like a bullet hitting her car.

The arrest report says there appeared to be gunshot damage to the fender of the vehicle. She identified Adrian Munoz and Daniel Francisco, who the report states are both gang members. They said it was a rock thrown at the car, not a bullet fired but the forensics technician found gunshot residue on Francisco’s hands.

According to the report, Melissa Ayala told deputies she took the two men to the scene to “confront the victim’s boyfriend” and that they were there to protect her because she was tired of being harassed. The other person arrested was Racquel Ayala.

All four were charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon to assist in gang activity, conspiracy to commit a crime and assault with a deadly weapon. Each faces more than $60,000 in bail.


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