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North Carson Street looking northeast in the 1950s.

North Carson Street looking northeast in the 1950s.

140 years ago

(Black Hills Expedition, continued from Tuesday) ...the prohibition being founded on the government treaty with the Sioux, by the terms of which no miners are to enter the country. The same treaty, however, solemnly stipulates that the region of the Black Hills shall be reserved in perpetuity to the Indians. If, therefore, those who are attracted by General Custer’s reports of the gold, timber, etc., (continued on Thursday).

130 years ago

(The woes of Major Dennis. Continued form Tuesday) ...”like a piece of reprint form the Times-Review.” It is a pity that the daily flashes from so brilliant a calcium light of journalism as Jay Hancock Dennis of Tuscarora, should be lost through the fondness of the press-men for Tuscarora whisky.

100 years ago

Announcement to the effect that 13,000 acres of land are to be available at Fallon through the reopening ordered for Sept. 18 by reclamation officials at Fallon. Under the homestead law, there will be 4,600 acres thrown open in ninety-five farm units.

70 years ago

Rev. and Mrs. A.G. Shriver of Carson have a letter from their son Robert, somewhere in France with “the best Air Force in the world,” dated August 5, which contained three pieces of invasion money. These will be on display at Muller’s drug store.

50 years ago

Land use and architectural designs are underway for Carson Center, a $10-million plus hotel, shopping center, and office complex constructed in downtown Carson City by two Santa Rosa based firms. Groundbreaking is expected in the next few weeks.

30 years ago

“There is nothing to do in this town.” That is a familiar line with Carson City’s youth in the hot days of summer. The following lists the multitude of activities (many listed) which do not require much money or illegal activities.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan who wrote this column for the Appeal since 1947 until his death in 2006.


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