Sheriff’s Office warns of lottery scam

The Churchill County Sheriff’s Office is now warning of a lottery scam:

“Scammers are at it again; most recently I received a letter from a citizen who was informed that they had won the “Inter-American Lotto Powerball” held in Hawaii. Having never been to Hawaii, the individual was pretty certain they did not win.

“A check had been included with the letter which the recipient was asked to deposit and return a portion of the funds received. This was to pay for non-resident fees and administrative costs. A little research on the Internet and it was obvious that the letter was a scam.

“Had the check been deposited and “Bounced”, the depositor would have been responsible for the entire amount of the check. Criminals try every angle that they can to get money and more from you. Letters, phone solicitation, and e-mail are commonly used.

The FBI website,, has information, suggestions on prevention and reporting options for scams and fraud. Take a moment to educate yourself and learn more about these types of crimes.”


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