Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

Racism problem will continue to exist

Mr. Statham, in the Aug. 21 commentary column “Nation’s moral character in question after Ferguson incident,” seems to have tried and convicted Officer Wilson without a formal trial. Speaking of morals, what ever happened to due process of law and innocence until proven guilty?

He writes, “On a national basis, a white police officer killed a black person twice a week in a seven-year period ending in 2012. The percentage of young blacks killed was more than twice that of the same-age whites.”

If you want to cite statistics, how about the number or percentage of whites killed in drive-by shootings in white communities as compared to blacks killed in drive-by shootings in black communities. Why is it that when innocent black people in a black community are killed in a drive-by shooting there is no rioting or little protest, but when a black is killed by a white officer of the law rioting often occurs without all the facts being presented in a court of law? Is there a difference in the value of the life, or lives, involved?

Mr. Statham speaks of the “backdrop of racism wide-spread in our society” and a need to question our nation’s moral character.

I feel racism is truly a major problem in our nation, but feel it is not only a deep rooted white versus black racist attitude but is also a deep rooted black versus white racist attitude. I also feel the problem will continue to exist until both societies reach a commonality on all moral issues.

Sanford E. Deyo


Handlers want Obama to be disengaged and golfing

Americans are starting to wonder why President Obama plays so much golf. If they really thought about it, they could answer their own question of why.

Why? Because the president has little to do. He doesn’t run the White House or his schedule or his agenda. His handlers do. Valerie Jarrett is, in fact, the de facto president. She doesn’t need him around the White House getting in the way and messing up her progressive agenda. Back to back multi-million dollar vacations where the president can play all the golf he wants while being totally disengaged in the affairs of America and the world beyond is just fine with Ms. Jarrett.

So stop wondering why the president seems to be omnipresent on the golf course — that’s what his handlers want so they can run the White House and the Democrat Party unimpeded.

Ron Landmann


Eliminate the IRS

With all the other news, what has happened to the IRS scandal? It is now the perfect time to abolish the IRS and go to a flat tax.

I with most middle class are unfairly being hoodwinked into paying a lot more than our fair share.

Another ordeal is that almost all the populaces do not realize that the IRS is a privately owned company home based out of Puerto Rico, and the Federal Reserve is a company set up by bankers. These two companies are no more federal than Federal Express.

We really need help to survive to be able to keep more of the money we make.

Craig M. Lewis

Carson City

What about the victims?

Commenting on a letter written on Aug. 3 about the cruelty of the death sentence of Joseph Rudolph, how can protestors feel this was unjust? Was it OK the way he treated and killed his victim? That was unjust.

I am so tired of protestors and bleeding hearts that feel so sorry for the killers; what about the victim? Where’s their sympathy? I was glad he suffered, even though I thought it was not enough.

Some talk about rehabilitation. Really? You think you’re going to change these heartless, no conscience, show-no-remorse killers? You’re stupid because it is not going to happen. I think it’s a waste of taxpayer money to keep them on death row. They should make the death sentence legal in all states.

Subject two: gay marriages. I was sickened by the marriage announcements. I know it’s a free country.

I think they’re making too much out of it. It is unacceptable. As far as I’m concerned, they could go back to the closet they came out of. I’d rather see normal marriage announcements in the paper ... just saying.

What happens when a gay person dies? Does God forgive them and let them in heaven anyway? Would that make him a hypocrite because the Bible says in the beginning of time it’s been man and woman?

Ruth Berg

Carson City


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