Carson City Sheriff’s Office issues 43 citations during crosswalk operation

A total of 43 citations were issued during a Pedestrian Crosswalk Operation by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

A majority of Friday’s citations were for failing to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

“Although this is slightly down from a similar operation held two weeks ago, the amount of citations issued shows that we still need to do more as drivers to prevent vehicle versus pedestrian crashes,” Sgt. Scott McDaniel said in a press release. The previous operation resulted in 50 citations.

The operation took place on north Carson Street at Bath Street and then at Telegraph and Carson streets. A deputy dressed in bright orange clothing and hat entered the crosswalks at these locations utilizing a pre-determined distance which gave operators of vehicles ample time to stop prior to the crosswalk.

“Many citizens stopped to thank the deputies for the work they were doing as they had nearly been struck by vehicles while in crosswalks,” McDaniel said. “The citations issued do not compare to the amount of vehicles that stopped for the deputy in the crosswalk. To those who stopped, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Carson City thank you for your safe driving habits.”


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