Remember our veteranson Tuesday

Tuesday marks Veterans Day.

Veterans Day is not the day we set aside to remember those who died unlike Memorial Day. Instead, we recognize all men and women who have served in the military — primarily those who have either retired and are still living — or those who still don the uniform everyday protecting the freedoms of which our Constitution provides.

As far as we are concerned, citizens should recognize veterans every day of the week for their sacrifices to ensure the safety of our country.

Wars have been and will continue to be part of our world’s make-up. Those wars have produced valiant men and women taking an oath to defend their country.

On this Veterans Day, we pause to thank those who have served in the Armed Services and to respectfully honor the memory of those who have paid with their lives, whether they were in battle or in training or in an accident.

Each conflict also produces hundreds of veterans who are shipped to the front or remain home in support roles.

During the past 13 years, Nevada has become an important training ground for many branches of service from simulated flight games or on the grounds of the Hawthorne Army Depot.

Since 9/11 several thousand Nevada National Guardsmen including many from Fallon deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan. They trained extensively in Nevada before leaving.

Pilots constantly train other aviators at Naval Air Station Fallon to keep our skies free from foreign threat, and if called to an overseas mission, pilots provide air cover for soldiers and Marines on the ground.

Such is the case with the current operation against ISIS in the Middle East.

Others assigned to stateside jobs ensure the safety of all citizens and also ensure the families of servicemen and women overseas are in good hands.

Not all news, however, is good. More than 57,000 servicemen and women were either wounded or died in Iraq or Afghanistan. Even in those other wars since World War II, more than 38,000 men and women died in Korea and another 58,000 perished in Vietnam.

But there also seems to be more interest and support for our veterans. Several events to recognize veterans are planned Monday in Fallon, while on Tuesday, Reno and Virginia City traditionally host Veterans Day parades.

On Veterans Day, recognize the sacrifices of all men and women who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. Show them your appreciation for their service to our country.

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