Guest Column: Ann Bednarksi: Hoping successful candidates get to work

I always vote on Election Day. I exercise the privilege Americans have with our Right to Vote on election day. This election is the first time since my “old enough to vote” began I’m grossly disappointed. It seems to me it’s a brutal, vicious contest between contenders lacking discussion about issues and differences between candidates’ visions of what is best for everyone, or, how to best spend taxpayer’s money. Taxpayers are not even considered; and rarely mentioned.

Endorsements seem to have a bigger role in the election than voters do. I changed my mind about some people because of their endorsements. I stopped trusting them. Special interests with money seem to buy officials with no interest in actually serving the public.

Perhaps you know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. In the area of education, the focus is on more and more money for education. That has been the mantra for 50 years. Nevada ranks 51 in the nation for quality education.

Instead of giving our children a solid basics education, we keep adding things to the curriculum. The role of parenting is being taken over by the schools. Now, for example, every student gets a free breakfast. More students are getting laptop computers. Expectations are focused on more tools for learning than teaching.

We have a lot of nepotism and cronyism in our government. It’s also not transparent, accountable or honest. From my own personal experience departments within both the city and state do not communicate with each other. The increased regulations on business stifle and discourage people from business endeavors. We have become seriously dependent on the Federal Government.

I often spend a lot of time encouraging people to vote informed and caution them not to be swayed by “deceptive dazzle.” This time I’m encouraging all successful candidates to become informed, communicate with your constituents often, practice integrity in all your decisions, and quit using your office as a stepping stone to power and fame. Please do your job this time.

Ann Bednarski of Carson City is an education advocate.


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