View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Dr. Young Not Dead, Had Disappeared. The mysterious disappearance of Dr. M. W. Young from Bijou, Lake Valley, has been cleared up by quite positive proof. The doctor was not drowned in Lake Tahoe as was common belief at the time of his disappearance, but is in the land of the living, being a resident of Smokey Valley, this state. Dr. Young left Bijou one evening about two years ago in a row boat to make a professional call at two miles distant on the shores of the lake. He was never seen or heard of again and his family and friends believed that the boat had capsized and he was drowned. A newcomer to the valley was being introduced as being from Carson Valley. His new friend informed him that a family, former residents of Carson Valley resided at Smokey Valley and that a Dr. Young, also of the Carson Valley, was making his home with the family. He was discovered!

Churchill County Eagle — November 7, 1914.

To the Ladies of Fallon. Please call and get your hair cleaned and your nails manicured and your combings made up into switches, puffs and curls. Phone number 78. Next door to Mrs. J. E. Teasland.

Churchill County Eagle — November 3, 1914.

75 Years Ago

Tramped by Cow. Kicked and tramped by an unruly cow, H. F. Faupel, well known project manager, was rushed to the Veterans hospital in Reno with a broken hip. The accident occurred when a heifer Mr. Faupel was milking became frightened, knocked him over and then kicked and tramped him before he could roll clear.

The Fallon Eagle — November 4, 1939.

Halloween Pranks. Halloween pranksters, while they were extremely active here Tuesday evening, apparently did little costly damage to property. One highly dangerous prank, however, was the turning on of several of the city’s fire plugs. Besides running water into the streets and alleys in such quantities that in some cases goods stored in business house basements were destroyed. Police Walter Dexter believes he has the boys spotted who turned on the plugs and expected to take them into police court.

The Fallon Eagle — November 4, 1939.

50 Years Ago

Newspapers. Since 1903 when the Standard began publication and 1906, when the Eagle began publication, the two papers have served the Churchill County area. Sometimes well and sometimes not so well. However, today for what we believe to be the first time, the combined Eagle-Standard brings you color advertising.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — November 3, 1964.

Safeway Store-Wide Sale.

Ruby Red Grapefruit, 9 lbs. 99¢

Safeway Thick Sliced Bacon 2 lb. 98¢

Pineapple from Hawaii 49¢ Extra Lean Ground Beef 59¢ lb.

Red Yams 3 lbs. for 39¢

Short Ribs 29¢ per lb.

Tomatoes Large Ripe 2 lbs. 29¢

Beef for Stew 69¢ per lb.

Salad Lettuce 3 heads 29¢

Halibut Steaks 69¢ per lb.

Churchill County Eagle — November 3, 1964.

From the Past ... Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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