Carson City business licenses

The following Carson City business licenses were filed in October.

All Things Electric Inc., out of town business, Reno, All Things Electric Inc., owner, 775-338-2758.

Bad Habitz Parts Store, 3579 Highway 50 E., Suite 205, general business, Alvarado Asuncion Gilson, owner, 530-307-9388.

Beno’s Flooring Services, out of town business, Reno, Dolores M. Beno, owner, 702-221-9241.

Bowman, Tommy Benton, out of town business, Mount Airy, N.C., structural steel contractor, Tommy Benton Bowman, owner, 336-783-3006.

Brand X Inc., 5130 Highway 50 E., general business, Brand X Inc., owner, 775-220-7000.

Cadillac Financial Leasing, out of town business, Arlington, Tex., re-upholstery and furniture repair, ACAR Leasing Ltd., owner, 817-302-7344.

Carrara Nevada, 304 W. Fifth St., general business, Carrara Group LLC, owner, 702-228-8026.

Castros Auto Repair, 3579 Highway 50 E., general business, Yesmani Roque Sanchez, owner, 775-400-4115.

Central Carson Self Storage, 3331 S. Carson St., general business, Arcata Hospital Corporation, owner, 707-445-4221.

Charles C. Harmon Co. LLC, 2457 Merrit Drive, general business, Charles C. Harmon Co. LLC, owner, 775-544-4124.

Communications Installation Services, out of town business, Reno, Valley Communications Inc., owner, 775-327-4144.

Crowley, Lisa, 636 E. John St., personal services independent contractor, Lisa Crowley, owner, 775-885-2971.

Delta Outsource Group Inc., out of town business, O’Fallon, Mo., collection agency, Delta Outsource Group Inc., owner, 877-329-0437.

Designing Em-Manzanita Glow, 3430 Debbie Way, consumer goods rental service, ENS Series LLC, owner, 916-616-6166.

Dicky’s Barbecue Pit, 3250 Retail Drive, Suite 100, general business, GCC Associates Inc., owner, 775-883-0100.

Dog Eared Books, 361 Fairview Drive, general business, Roxanne Karr, owner, 775-884-2848.

Duran, Lupe, 20 College Parkway, child day care service, Lupe Duran owner, 775-888-0907.

Faithful Creations Photography, 321 Corbett St., general business, Portia Jones, owner, 775-230-0918.

Father and Sons Sports Cards, 411 Hot Springs Road, Suite 4, general business, Steven Alexander, owner, 775-770-8825.

First Centennial Title Company, 704 W. Nye Lane, Suite 101 , general business, JLM Title LLC, owner, 775-689-8510.

GKL Holdings Group LLC, 3064 Silver Sage Drive, general business, GKL Holdings Group LLC, owner, 775-841-0644.

Good Time Auctions Corp., 3579 Highway 50 E., general business, Good Time Auctions Corp., owner, 775-291-8655.

Gottles, 3276 Kitchen Drive, glass and glazing service, Windellix Delos Reyes, owner, 530-307-2484.

Hope System LLC, 3111 Surrey Lane, general business, Hoope System LLC, owner, 707-718-2857.

Huff’s Heating and Air Inc., out of town business, Kings Beach, Calif., Huff’s Heating and Air Inc., owner, 530-546-0723.

IQ Technology Solutions, out of town business, Reno, IQ Systems Inc., owner, 775-352-2301.

Kool Desert Power Sports, 3640 Highway 50 E., general business, National Power Sports Inc., owner, 209-815-6323.

Lee Van Epps MD PLLC, 1525 Vista Lane, Unit 100, general business, Lee Van Epps MD PLLC, owner, 775-220-8475.

Los Girasoles, 557 S. Saliman Road , general business, Iris Aguirre, owner, 775-450-5508.

Low Cost Tire & Recycling Center, 3350 Centennial Park Drive, general business, RDJ Ranches LLC, owner, 775-224-3636.

Lynn, Kristin, 177 W. Proctor St., independent beauty salon, Kristin Lynn, owner, 775-450-8063.

Move in Ready, 1105 E. Robinson St., janitorial service, Tiffany Melgarejo, owner, 775-291-9119.

Nighthawk Property Services, 1111 E. Fifth St., general business, Larry Moore, owner, 775-432-1751.

NV Radiators, 3579 Highway 50 E., automotive repair service, Raul D. Quinones, owner, 408-219-3307.

Olectric, out of town business, Reno, electrical and wiring contractor, Richard Olivas, owner, 775-324-4143.

One Fur All, 3103 S. Edmonds Drive, pet care service, Catherine A. Malory, owner, 775-884-0315.

Pods Enterprises Inc., out of town business, Clearwater, Fla., Pods Enterprises Inc., owner, 800-716-7637.

Pristine Cleaning, 2239 Poole Way, general business, Lionel Armenta, owner, 775-445-0455.

Pure Ground Ingredients, 2500 Arrowhead Drive, dried and dehydrated food manufacturing service, Pure Ground Ingredients Inc., owner, 775-843-6415.

Roen, Paul, out of town business, Calpine, Calif., landscaping service, Paul Roen, owner, 209-479-2770.

Sassafras, 1500 Old Hot Springs Road, general business, Sassafras LLC, owner, 775-887-8879.

Select Your Term, 3860 GS Richards Blvd., insurance agency and brokerage service, Sierra Insurance Advisors LLC, owner, 775-885-8847.

Sherry’s Sitting Services, 4109 Hells Bells Road, pet care service, Sheryl S. Wellman, owner, 775-315-3875.

Siam Classic Thai Cuisine LLC, 4250 Cochise St., Suite 40, general business, Siam Classic Thai Cuisine LLC, owner, 775-291-6691.

Sierra Custom Picture Framing, 1210 N. Carson St., general business, Gail Poshepny, owner, 775-443-5123.

Sierra Design Team, out of town business, Sparks, 775-626-1456.

Supreme Concrete LLC, out of town business, Reno, Supreme Concrete LLC, owner, 775-424-4100.

SW Administrators, 2441 Fairview Drive, site preparation contractor, Southwest Administrators Inc., owner, 775-887-5600.

Tahoe Ridge Winery & Marketplace, 1105 S. Carson St., general business, TRWM LLC, owner, 775-790-5157.

The Good Life, 1480 N. Carson St., general business, Living the Good Life LLC, owner, 775-720-5834.

The Impetus Agency, out of town business, Reno, Griffiths Rowe Communications, owner, 775-322-4022.

Tony’s Sew & Vac, 335 Fairview Drive, equipment and supplies merchant, A New Day Enterprises LLC, owner, 775-233-7178.

Western Union Business Solutions, out of town business, Englewood, Colo., Custom House USA LLC, owner, 720-332-4267.

Xtreme Window Cleaning, 1448 Mountain Park Drive, general business, Joshua J. Newton, owner, 775-400-7654.

2 Barking Sisters, 4630 Highway 50 E., Suite 12, pet care service, Lynn Mumblo, owner, 775-350-9856.

99 Cent Only Stores, 2100 E. William St., general business, 99 Cents Only Stores LLC, owner, 323-980-8145.


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