Letter to the editor, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014

A Gift Sublime

The following poem was published in The Inquisition (The Voice of Nevada Poets):

A long time ago

In a very lowly town

A Babe was born one night,

And Him, nearby shepherds found.

They didn’t know about His birth

Till they heard angels sing

Giving them glad tidings

Of a long-awaited King.

The Babe was in a manger

Just as the angels told.

His bed was straw that oxen eat.

He was bundled from the cold.

Then came three kings from far away

With gold, frankincense and myrrh …

Special gifts for a newborn King.

They were guided by a brilliant star

This babe, one day, would lay down

His life for all mankind

The greatest gift that one can give …

A perfect gift, sublime.

In this He set an example

Of how each of us should live

And all of you have followed

With what you and yours now give.

Mary Santomauro



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