Indian Hills man waives hearing in battery case

An Indian Hills man who was arrested at gunpoint on Oct. 13 is expected to appear in Douglas County District Court on Monday.

Richard James Newell, 39, is being held in Douglas County Jail on a felony count of battery by a parolee.

Newell came to law enforcement’s attention after he called 911 early that morning and threatened to shoot it out if deputies came to his home.

When they did, he was gone, but 12 hours later they were contacted about a possible domestic battery involving him.

After the felony warrant was confirmed, deputies responded to the address, where an investigator reported she had Newell at gunpoint.

Newell was taken into custody. The victim in the battery told deputies that Newell was drunk when he called 911. On Monday afternoon he allegedly grabbed her around the neck during an argument and tried to choke her. She bit him, and they fell on the couch before she got away from him by kicking him in the groin.

Deputies reported seeing several marijuana plants hanging in the bedroom to dry.

Newell allegedly told a deputy on the ride to jail that he had a medical marijuana card in California and thought that allowed him to grow plants in Nevada.

Newell waived his preliminary hearing on Oct. 29.


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