I thought all dogs were mutts

I have heard the term “mutt” applied to all sorts of dogs, so I thought it was just a generic term for “dogs.” Turns out I was wrong. According to Time magazine, mutts are a mixture of many types of dogs, and nearly half of all domesticated dogs are mutts. But not all dogs are mutts because the American Kennel Club lists180 pure breeds. Here is where it gets complicated because there are designer breeds.

Designer breeds are hybrids of two pure breeds purposefully mixed to promote key characteristics. The American Canine Hybrid Club recognizes 615 designer breeds.

Surprisingly, more than 10 percent of registered designer dogs have a poodle parent. Poodles are popular for crossbreeding because they come in four sizes and have a low-shed coat. The first designer pooch was a Labradoodle made for the visually impaired. The hypoallergenic poodle coat and Lab temperament created an allergen-free guide dog.

I was tickled by some the names given to designer dogs. See if you can guess the pure breeds in some of these designer dogs: Morkie, Chiweenie, and Puggle. The Morkie is a mix of Maltese and Yorkshire terriers: Chiweenie is Dachshund and Chihuahua: Puggle is Pug and Beagle. What’s in a name? In designer dogs it’s the heritage.

Speaking of dogs, do you need a dependable walking partner who will never say you look fat, and won’t criticize you for not washing your hair or doing your make-up? Problem solved because at CAPS you will have a happy, willing walking partner who will be thrilled to see you whenever or however you show up. The hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Your partner awaits with baited (dog) breath.

In other news, we have had many visitors from out-of-state to our Fallon dog park. It is always wonderful to see new faces and pups. Last week a lovely lady stopped with her five dogs. She was passing through and had noticed the play equipment from the road. During our conversation it became obvious that she had just stumbled upon the dog park. One of the regulars mentioned that a lot of folks in Fallon don’t even know we have a dog park.

After talking about publicity for the dog park, we struck upon a really simple solution: a sign on the highway that alerts drivers to the location of the dog park, Liberty Lake and the recreation area. I have called the parks and recreation department in hopes that they will acknowledge what a great asset that area is and put a sign noting the location.

Last week I forgot to mention the best Halloween dog costumes that I saw at the dog park. Freckles came in camouflage, Roo was the jester and Watson had a ghost collar. In closing I would like to share a quote from Roland, my friend, who is a dog lover: “You almost can’t trust a person who doesn’t like dogs.” Dog-gone right and I agree whole-heartedly.

CAPS News and Events:

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Tomorrow CAPS will be at Walmart. Ki the “King of Pucker.” will be at the Kissin’ Booth.. Become part of Ki’s fan club. Don’t miss this chance to be up close and personal with Ki.

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This week’s article was contributed by Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer.


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