Juvenile threatens to harm self near Carson High School

Officers were able to take a 16-year-old boy into custody without incident on Thursday after it was reported he had a handgun across the street from Carson High School, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office stated.

The incident happened shortly after 2 p.m. in which officers arrived in the area and located a 16-year-old juvenile who had made statements to others he was going to shoot himself. The student was transported to the hospital for services.

Investigators at the scene determined the incident took place in front of the juvenile’s residence, across the street from Carson High shortly after school had ended for the day. Many of the students departing the school were still in the area. There were no reported injuries to any students, though one person is suspected of being threatened by the juvenile with the weapon.

While the incident remains under investigation, preliminary information has disclosed at least two verbal incidents had taken place over the last week between the juvenile and a juvenile female. That incident gave rise to a confrontation with an 18-year-old outside the school property on Thursday. The 18-year-old was able to convince the juvenile to release the weapon, just as officers were arriving in the area.

The weapon used by the juvenile was once owned by his mother and was the only weapon in the household, the Sheriff’s Office stated. It has been secured by the Sheriff’s Office pending the outcome of the investigation. Sheriff’s Deputies certified in crisis intervention were continuing to work closely with family members.


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