Seasons change, but Jesus stays the same

As I write this, we are more than a week into November and there’s still no snow on the ground. It’s cooler than it was a few weeks ago, but I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed we don’t have snow yet.

I like the changes of the seasons, and fall and winter seem to be some of my favorite times. Seasons remind us of the cycles of life as we see birth in the spring and growth through the summer and then everything comes to maturity in the fall and passes on in the winter only to be brought back to life in the spring again.

I turn 50 next year, and sometimes I still think of myself as that little kid at grade school who was afraid someone would notice him; but I’m not him. I have grown and matured. I’ve made some poor decisions and some good decisions. I’ve learned and moved forward and have changed.

Just like the seasons, we all change, life changes, jobs change, attitudes change, politics change, everything changes, but Jesus is always the same.

The Bible says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

He never changes. We change and our faith gets strong and then it gets weak and then it gets strong again. But he never changes.

Sometimes we’re like super Christians and we feel like we should have a big “S” on our chest and wear a cape like a superhero, and other times we wonder if anyone would even recognize us as followers of Christ at all, but Jesus never changes.

It’s a good thing our faith is dependent not on ourselves, but on the one in whom our faith is in. It’s like a bridge over a deep ravine. Either the bridge has the strength to hold you or not.

If it has the strength and you have full faith in it, the bridge is going to hold you; and if it has the strength and you have your doubts but you still walk across that bridge, it’s still going to hold you.

Put your faith in Jesus today. No matter what you’re going through or how strong your faith is, Jesus can handle it.

Lt. Mark Cyr is pastor of The Salvation Army, 661 Colorado St. Carson City, NV 89701. For information, go to


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