Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014

Greed has won out in America

Regarding the article titled “What small business can expect in the new Congress,” what followed way a typically safe political assessment, vague enough to be neither discouraging or too hopeful. What jumped out at me was the sentence, “Obama wants corporate tax reduced.” This is a policy first established by Reagan and adhered to by each following administration. Meanwhile, as corporate support of this country dwindled and our wages fallen behind, their profits have soared.

A handful of mega corporations now dominate the 10 major industries that make up the world market. Still, they’re not satisfied. They want it all.

Clearly, greed has won out. Have we not bee exploited enough? It is time to take back our country. Take back the world from these economic monarchs.

If anyone seeking national office shows inclination to defy the world banks or seriously suggests corporation pay their fair share, then we should vote for them. Thought it is unlikely any such candidate would arise in this current environment.

Our only real power is as consumers, yet most of us spend like children squandering our week’s allowance on a handful of candy. Grow up. Quit supporting these tyrants. Don’t buy it, whatever they’re selling. It will not set you free as they promise. It will only serve to further indenture you.

Kelly Jones

Carson City

Thank you ‘angels’ for helping out

If you hadn’t been there, where would I be now? You drove by and returned because something “didn’t look right.” Why did these two young men take that route home from work on that evening of Saturday, Sept. 27, when they usually drive a different way, as they stated? They could see that my hand was hanging loosely from my jacket sleeve, but would have anyone else realized how dire my situation could progress to so rapidly? They must have been aware of my needing immediate medical care to prevent the dangers of shock as I had little awareness of what was happening?

I thought I heard their names and address, but the address I heard doesn’t exist. I only wanted to thank them for picking me up off the sidewalk, quickly driving me to the hospital, and putting me in a wheelchair; at which time the hospital staff took notice of my condition and never left my side. After surgery, the healing is still ongoing and with hopes of regaining use of my dominant hand in time, but not yet.

I just know that every hour of every day I think of the miracle of these two being there in time and taking swift actions to help me. Any delay could have had a different result. I’m just an older person trying to remain active by walking my dog and simply missing one step over a curb. There are angels in our midst! I would like to see their faces, as I know they exist!

Donna Simpson

Carson City


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