Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

Congress should get priorities straight

So, according to the front page story on Nov. 13, “Defeating Harry Reid in 2016 top priority,” with Dean Heller, you remember, the guy who called domestic terrorists aiming their sniper rifles at BLM employees “patriots,” joining the chorus with, “We’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Wow. Further and further down the rabbit hole. So we can’t expect this session of Congress — who have already broken records for doing nothing at all — to do anything for the next two years except ratchet up the hatred and divisiveness in the August body of the United States Senate.

Really. No other priorities? Immigration, health care, minimum wage, unemployment, wage equality, jobs, ISIS, Ebola, climate change, global wars?

Heck, let it slide — let’s get rid of the old man of the Senate who has seen us through the last six years of backbiting partisanship without once taking a swing at any of the people who seem to hate him so much, just going ahead and doing the people’s work as best he can with no help from “lawmakers” who sit on their well-paid, well-insured backsides and collect a salary for doing nothing at all.

Why not? It’s nice for people with nothing else to do to have a hobby. So glad my taxes are paying for it.

Leigh McGuire



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