Letters to the editor for Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

Scientists should come clean on comet

Once again, the mythic religion of evolution hit the pages of our local newspaper. It baffles me how scientists who have never seen life come from anything other than life keep trying to show that it came from a rock, in this case an icy rock called a comet.

I am sure that a great deal of information about our universe and solar system will be learned from the scientific observations obtained from this comet, but that is not the kind of objective, observable science that they are doing. Statements like, “Finding the right kind of amino acids and water would be an important hint that life on Earth did come from space,” show their true intent — to confirm the atheistic religion of evolution. So their interpretations of the data collected will not be free of their presuppositions; they continue to worship at the altar of Darwin.

Perhaps they could answer this question: How is it that an icy rock that is “virtually unchanged since the earliest moments of the universe” and loses much of its mass every time it gets close to the sun continues to exist today if the universe and solar system are billions of years old? Or could that be a clue that the universe is not that old?

Don R. Drake

Carson City


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