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Fuel prices have dropped more than 44 cents in November in the Churchill County area.

Fuel prices have dropped more than 44 cents in November in the Churchill County area.

A slightly improved economy and lower gas prices may have given Americans more of a reason to travel — and travel farther — this Thanksgiving weekend.

It appears, though, the traveling habits of Americans over the Thanksgiving holiday won’t change much from past years.

That’s according to a survey done by, which is a source for up-to-date gas prices for travelers.

And according to the survey, most people still plan to stay at home this Thanksgiving. More than 61 percent said they had no plans to travel while a little more than 38 percent said they would be traveling. Of those who said they would be traveling, 92 percent said they would travel by car.

Also, only about 16.5 percent of those traveling said lower gas prices would change their plans while 83.5 percent said there traveling plans this Thanksgiving would be unchanged. Gasoline prices, though, have fallen.

“Americans can be thankful for some 2014 record lows and a national unleaded average that’s 44 cents lower than the same day last year,” added reported economists have stated most have saved at least $500 since June. stated those who use its app will save anywhere from 6 to 30 cents a gallon. also reported motorists should save more than $650 million on gas through the four-day weekend from Thursday to Sunday over last Thanksgiving weekend.

So those traveling don’t plan to spend more than last Thanksgiving, although they eventually stated they would spend more. When asked if they plan to spend more, 71 percent said they wouldn’t. But when asked an amount, all of those traveling in the survey said they would spend more from at least $50 more to as much as $200 more.

Other results from the survey:

There were 36 percent who said they would begin traveling on Thanksgiving Day with 30 percent saying they would begin traveling the day before Thanksgiving.

There were 25 percent who said they would actually return on Thanksgiving Day. There were 42 percent who said they would wait until Saturday or Sunday to return.

Even though 92 percent of travelers said they were going by car, 62 percent of them said they would be traveling at least 200 miles to up to more than 500 miles.

There were 81,000 Americans who were surveyed.


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