Political signs need to be down by December 4

The Nevada Department of Transportation is reminding political candidates and property owners all political signs posted near state roads need to be removed by Dec. 4.

By state law, any political signs posted on private property within 660 feet of state roads must be removed within 30 days of the general election. Many local cities and counties have additional guidelines requiring earlier removal of political signs along local roads.

“It’s about safety,” NDOT Director Rudy Malfabon explained. “Signs that distract drivers, block the view of motorists, resemble official traffic signs or interfere with maintenance of our roadsides are not safe. And, after an election, we need to avoid the potential of old political signs interfering in any way with road safety.”

State road right of way often extends beyond the roadside, fence line or sidewalk of interstates, freeways, highways and urban state roads or streets. Further information is available by dialing (775) 888-7000 or visiting “public involvement/sign rules and regulations” at www.nevadadot.com.

NDOT also reminds those who may be involved in future elections that political signs are not allowed on state road right of way. NDOT employees will carefully remove signs erected in the right of way and store them at the nearest NDOT maintenance station for retrieval by sign owner within 30 days. Political signs less than 4 by 8 feet can be posted on private property next to state roads no more than 60 days before an election. Signs over that size require an NDOT permit. Local cities and counties may have additional guidelines regulating placement of political signs along local roads.


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