Letters to the editor for Sunday,

Statham left out important facts

Mr. Bo Statham’s post election letter published in the Appeal left out some important facts.

His tirade about the Supreme Court’s decision to open up political contributions to all, including corporation and PACs, overlooked the situation prior to that decision. Before that decision, unions, trial lawyer associations and environmental groups contributed the most funds to political campaigns and controlled the recipients. Do we want to go back to that environment? I don’t.

He also failed to mention that Communist Party USA endorsed Obama’s run for office. The reason that the Democrats lost big time was not because the Democrats didn’t run on their beliefs, it was because the citizens want the dictatorship of Obama stopped!

He managed to list some of Obama’s accomplishments (in his opinion). The rules for submitting letters to the editor prevent me from expounding on those issues. However, let me point out some of the events that occurred during his first six years:

1. He allowed Ebola to enter this country for the first time.

2. He allowed many million illegals to enter our country through our southern border, some of them carrying Central American diseases that have already infected our children and border control agents.

3. His administration smuggled automatic weapons across the border to Mexican cartels that eventually ended in the death of one of our border control agents.

4. The IRS scandal that resulted in the resignation of the head of the IRS.

5. The shameful treatment of our veterans by the VA.

6. Obamacare!

Don Gurney

Carson City

Different faiths come together in Carson City

On Wednesday evening, Nov. 19, my husband and I attended an interfaith Thanksgiving event hosted by St. Teres of Avila Catholic Community. It was a remarkable, beautiful night of sharing stores and explaining traditions from members of local Unity, Presbyterian, Methodist, Jewish, Mormon, Episcopal, Buddhist, Church of Christ, Scientist, and other faith communities.

While elsewhere in the world religious differences are tearing people apart, here in Carson City we are celebrating our differences with words and music.

The only disappointment was that the church was not overflowing with people. I hope that when we attend next year, we will find a standing-room-only crowd.

Thanks to the group of local faith leaders who made this evening possible.

Karen Yates


Immigration’s unintended consequences

For years I’ve been saying my life is run by stupid people.

Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants are celebrating the president’s immigration proclamation, while Mexican and Central Americans here legally are/should be fighting against the president’s immigration proclamation in the name of their own economic prosperity. Why? Well, the law of unintended consequences kicked in and now those who comprise our entry-level labor force will not see much economic growth for years to come. Really? Really!

If you are an employee in a traditional immigrant entry-level industry such as landscaping or the hotel/ restaurant industry, the pool of people seeking legal employment has just increased by five million.

If you are running a hotel or a restaurant, you should thank the president; you will not need to raise the wages you pay for years to come. If you are working in a hotel or a restaurant, you should understand that what you are making now is what you’ll be making for years to come. Thanks to the swollen labor market, the wages just went stagnant.

While the intended consequence was to create 5 million more Democrat voters who will thank the Democratic Party by voting for it, the unintended consequence is the economic flat lining of their future.

Working for minimum wage? Why not fight for a $15 “living wage” and see the unintended consequences of that play out. But what could possibly go wrong when the world’s smartest man, our president, acts to end this great injustice suffered by our brethren from the south?

Ron Landmann


Good Samaritan helps capture suspect

Just minutes after the Nevada Day parade I found myself chasing a suspect down Washington Street and onto Plaza Street. I was lead to believe the business we had just left was calling the police, but it did not. Luckily, there was a good Samaritan who observed the chase and asked if she needed to call 911. I confirmed that she needed to, and she promptly had the police department on the line. She diligently followed us while keeping 911 on the line all while carrying a basket of flowers. At one point she was so gracious as to offer me her iPhone, but I declined making sure I could focus on the perpetrator. I did not know if he had a gun, knife or other weapon and couldn’t afford any distraction.

Due to the quick response of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, the suspect was caught on Carson and John streets without further incidence. My heartfelt thanks goes out to this stranger! I don’t know how many other people saw this, but she acted. With her help, a suspect is in jail with a $125,000 bail, making our community safer. Without her help, things could have turned out much differently. I am asking for one more favor from this good Samaritan, for me and my family to personally thank her.

Cindy Rowe

Carson City

The letter by Ann Burke published Nov. 21 indicated that unless there is a divider dividing a street, all vehicles and motorcycles must stay completely stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross safely in a crosswalk to the other side of the street or be ticketed by law enforcement. Page 57 of the Nevada Driver’s Handbook dated July 2014 indicates that vehicles yielding to a pedestrian should wait until the pedestrian has crossed into the lanes going in the other direction before proceeding.

John Ahrens

Carson City


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