Northern Nevada Dream Center launches virtual food drive

Food insecurity in the Carson City area has risen sharply since the COVID-19 outbreak in Nevada, resulting in an increased need for food as residents shelter in place during this state of emergency.

The Northern Nevada Dream Center in Carson City has responded by launching a virtual food drive to help meet the growing needs of the community.

"We have seen a 30 percent increase in our incoming requests for assistance with food in just the last two weeks," Northern Nevada Dream Center Director Susan Sorenson said. "That’s more than 1,700 extra meals per week."

Last year, the Dream Center provided 302,400 meals and served more than 4,000 children, families and seniors. Because of COVID-19, this year's numbers could easily surpass those.

"We need your help in meeting this increased need," Sorenson said. "Your support will allow us to supplement our food boxes by purchasing much needed meats, eggs and dairy items from local stores and our food bank."

The Northern Nevada Dream Center works with local grocers and other businesses to supply nourishment to needy residents of Carson City and surrounding communities.

As such, donations during the virtual food drive also help keep these local enterprises operating and employing people.

"Not only will your donation help to feed children, families and seniors, it will also be supporting local businesses," Sorenson said.

She said door-to-door delivery for residents with isolating physical or economic limitations has been a regular feature of the community nonprofit, and demand for that service has ballooned exponentially with the COVID-19 outbreak.

To participate in the Northern Nevada Virtual Food Drive, go online to and click on the "give now" link to donate.

Just $10 will provide 30 meals to feed a single family for an entire week. A donation of $25 covers 75 meals and feeds four families per week.

Seven families can be fed on 150 meals each week with just a $50 donation, and $100 takes care of 300 meals for 15 families per week.

The Northern Nevada Dream Center food pantry is located at 3579 Highway 50 East #211 in Carson City. Call 775-443-4090, visit, or check out for more information.


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