Adams Hub Center for Innovation launching Adams Hub Executive Speakers Series

The Adams Hub for Innovation is located at 111 West Proctor St.

The Adams Hub for Innovation is located at 111 West Proctor St.


Adams Hub Center for Innovation is proud to announce the first of its Adams Hub Executive Speakers Series. Speakers are selected based on their expertise on topics that benefit small business owners and executive professionals in the Carson City region. The first of the invited speakers for the series is Ramon Ray. Ray is a highly entertaining and a renowned business owner, author, and speaker on the topic of attracting customers. His session is titled Be the Celebrity CEO. Build Your Personal Brand, after his book of the same name.

“As a child, I loved Pop-Tarts: not the local store brand, the real Pop-Tarts made by Kellogg’s. I also liked Cheerios; the ones made by General Mills. However, our family bought the no-frills brands from time to time. Maybe, just maybe, the generic brands taste the same (I doubt it), but no kid gets excited over a generic brand. Everyone wants the cereal, or other product, that looks delicious, inviting, or otherwise amazing, right? As a kid, I couldn’t help but notice how the brand-name products added color, design, and excitement, while the others didn’t,” Ray stated on his website.

You want to be known and recognized, but what happens if you don’t have a large budget to spend on advertising, marketing, or fancy graphics? You don’t have to bombard the market with TV, radio, or online advertising. Every entrepreneur, every business owner, and every business professional can still be a local celebrity. Let Ray show you how this Thursday, October 7, 2021, at Adams Hub starting at 6 p.m. Adams Hub is located at 111 West Proctor Street across from Carson City Hall.

“Our Executive Speakers Series is new and free to the business community,” said Elaine Barkdull-Spencer, Adams Hub Director. “Our goal as a business resource center is to help elevate the business community through education and information. This includes local business professionals such as accountants, lawyers, manufacturers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.”

Adams Hub Executive Speaker Series will address such topics as restaurant management, profit planning for retail, manufacturing logistics, leadership training, northern Nevada’s economic past, present and future, as well as otherbeneficial business topics. Sessions are planned for every other month and businesses are encouraged to follow Adams Hub online or signup for Adams Hub announcements.

To register go to or call Adams Hub at 775-222-0001 or email


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