Oasis news: Signs bring smiles to residents of Homestead

Oasis Academy’s Middle School student government, from left, adviser Lauren Kelly, Lakota Casey, Lea Williams, Kaylee Craig and not pictured is Hazel Mackedon.

Oasis Academy’s Middle School student government, from left, adviser Lauren Kelly, Lakota Casey, Lea Williams, Kaylee Craig and not pictured is Hazel Mackedon.

Oasis Academy’s Middle School student government, from left, adviser Lauren Kelly, Lakota Casey, Lea Williams, Kaylee Craig and not pictured is Hazel Mackedon.

Bright colors and cheerful messages were sent to the residents of Homestead this past week. Kindergarteners through high school students created posters for the outside windows of seniors in the facility with the goal of bringing a smile to their faces.
Homestead is currently restricting visitors due to COVID-19 and students at Oasis wanted to do something kind to let them know they were in their thoughts and not alone. An overwhelming number of classes and students volunteered to help make the signs.
“When we started working with Homestead on what we could do, the outpouring of response from our teachers and students was remarkable. We know every group in our community has been impacted by the effects of COVID-19 and this is especially true for the senior population,” said Angela Viera, public information officer from Oasis.
“After weeks of being isolated in their rooms, our residents literally lit up when they saw the signs being hung on their windows!” added Lauren Conner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Homestead. “Many gave verbal ‘Thank Yous, and a couple wrote Thank You notes. We hope each student who participated knows just how special they are, and what a difference they made to our sweet seniors.”
Discovering what’s in a brand
The BUS 198 classes created their own branding standards as part of the Marketing and Social Media dual enrollment class. Students invented their own businesses and wrote branding standards for those businesses. For the project students needed to include a custom logo, brand identity statement, brand and identity colors, and a font for their own typography.
The class discussed the importance of branding and what goes into making a memorable brand. “The Branding Project we did helped me realize how much really went into the designing and upkeep of a brand's logo in a really fun way,” says junior Ariana Wolf
“I really enjoyed the project, and had a lot of fun picking out a color palette, choosing my font, and designing my logo,” added sophomore Aubrey Vaughn.
Oasis Golf Team played at the WNC tournament. From left, coach Nathan Dahl, Marcus Dahl, Trevor Halloran and coach David Halloran.

Newly elected middle school student council takes offices
With the school year just over a month in, students in grades 5-8 elected the next middle school student council. Officers are President Lea Williams, Vice President Hazel Mackedon, Secretary Lakota Casey and Treasurer Kaylee Craig.
Students presented campaign speeches including why they were a good candidate for the position and what their goals are for the year. Vice President Hazel Mackedon explains her decision for campaigning, “I ran for office because I wanted to help the school and the community be the best they can be.”
Secretary Lakota Casey added, “Running for student council gives the opportunity to show/learn leadership, teamwork, communication, and organization in a very fun way.”
The students also learned throughout the process including a newfound respect for public speaking.
President Leah Williams said, “What I learned from the election was patience and public speaking and both are important life skills.”
“I learned how to properly give a speech, how nerve racking it is to give a speech, and the most important thing, commitment,” Casey said.
“I am proud of all of our middle school students who ran for student council at Oasis Academy. Congratulations to our newly voted officers! I am excited for the fun events & positive impact we can bring to Oasis Academy. During these unprecedented times leadership & positivity is what we need for our student body.” notes Middle School Student Council Advisor Lauren Kelly.
So what are their goals for this year? Vice President Hazel Mackedon voices her goal, “I hope to accomplish a fun school year with lots of activities that will contact us as bighorns with Covid still around.”
President Williams continued, “I hope to make the school year more fun, exciting and one to remember.”

Oasis team does well at WNC Golf for Education Event
Oasis Academy participated in Western Nevada College’s Golf for Education Event on Sept. 25. The team finished 11th overall. The team consisted of Oasis Golf Coach David Holloran, Trevor Holloran, Nathan Dahl and Marcus Dahl.
Trevor also finished first in the putting competition at the tournament. The event raises money annually for scholarships through the Western Nevada College Foundation.


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