Ford says Nevada will get $50 million in opioid settlement

Attorney General Aaron Ford says Nevada will get an estimated $50 million from the opioid settlement reached with the makers of Oxycontin.
He said the funds are badly needed to combat the opioid crisis which has become even worse during the pandemic.
“This settlement represents only a small portion of what the companies and individuals responsible for creating the opioid epidemic owe,” he said.
He said Nevada will continue pursuing litigation to hold other opioid defendants accountable.
The Sackler family will pay about $4.5 billion to settle the case.
Purdue Pharma, makers of Oxycontin, however, can’t be sued by the thousands of individual victims under terms of the settlement in New York federal bankruptcy court.
He said because of the scale of the case, it will take time for bankruptcy trustees to liquidate the assets and determine exactly what each state gets.


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