Letters to the Editor for September 11, 2021

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for helping evacuees
I would like to thank all the local non-profit organizations and individual people who stepped up to the plate to help with all the displaced people from South Lake Tahoe. Please thank the following entities for their generous donation of their time and goods at the Fuji Park evacuation center.
Thanks to:
Carson City Emergency Response Team for registering, interacting individually with evacuees and coordinating donations.
Salvation Army and Latter-day Saints Church for food preparation and distribution.
LA Bakery for numerous donated breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
Carson City Sheriff's volunteers for screening incoming evacuees and directing them to areas where they could find help.
Nevada Humane Society for an awesome job of providing 24/7 food and shelter for pets.
Carson City Parks and Recreation for addressing any facility needs we had and allowing outside campers to stay within park boundaries.
Carson City Browsers Corner for sending books over.
Dayton Valley Community Church for sending individual hygiene and personal need kits.
All the local residents that donated food, water, pet food and toys.
Judy Larquier
Carson City

Carbon pricing: The misunderstanding
I send emails and call Congressman Amodei on a regular basis.
I was taught if you make a mess, you clean it up. We all have been making a mess for some time through our excessive CO2 pollution from fossil fuel use for our energy needs.
There are numerous ways to address this mess. Technological discoveries and advancements are definitely vital to addressing the mess; solar, wind and geothermal energy definitely pollute less. Hydroelectric is great, but it does require consistent sources of water. Lake Mead is at its lowest since 1936 when it was filling.
Technologies to pull CO2 from the atmosphere (carbon capture) and sequestering it are maturing.
All these ideas are great and part of a solution to cleaning up the mess. But the bottom line is, we need to stop burning so much fossil fuel. This is where carbon pricing comes in.
If there is a fee or tax on the carbon pollution potential from using fossil fuels, economists say we’ll use less. As this carbon price increases annually, people and businesses will choose alternatives to this increasingly costly polluting energy source.
Initially, a carbon price will not be evident to most consumers. Jobs will not be hastily eliminated and no new carbon emission requirements will be imposed.
However, smart money will be to move away from the expensive and dangerous effects of excessive carbon pollution.
Do you want to help clean up this mess?
Email Congressman Amodei. CCLUSA.org/House
Rob Bastien
Citizens' Climate Lobby
Carson City

All this because of a photo op
President Biden planned on being at Ground Zero in New York City on Sept. 11 for a photo opportunity and to tell the world that he ended the 20-year war in Afghanistan.
He told his senior White House staff that he wanted our military out of Afghanistan by Sept. 11 of this year, and they suggested he move the date up to Aug. 31. The military leaders, State Department officials, Intelligence officers all briefed Biden that the timeline was too soon and that a safe withdrawal couldn’t be promised. The president, with no military background, little background in diplomacy, and of course, little intelligence, overlooked their suggestion to slow down and organize and safe and complete withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Now there are 13 U.S. servicemen and service women dead. There have been Afghan women murdered for either not wearing a burqa or being out in public without a male escort as Biden has turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Biden has even made the Taliban responsible for the safe passage of American citizen and our military to the Kabul airport. How embarrassing for the United States.
All this because Biden and Vice President Harris wanted a photo op at Ground Zero on Sept. 11.
Ronald H. Landmann
Carson City

Evil in the hearts of men
What can we conclude about the humanitarian crises unfolding at our southern border and in Afghanistan? I think there are two possible conclusions, either the current administration is totally inept or these tragedies are intentional.
Consider for a moment if you will, that if only 5% of those crossing our southern border are rapist, murderers, human traffickers or MS-13 gang bangers that’s 50,000 violent criminals unrestrained by the rule of law. And if 5% of the 40% of Afghanis who sympathize with Jihad are radicalized, that’s an additional 20,000 people willing to pursue their societal ambitions using violence.
But why you ask, in addition to releasing prisoners, defunding police and encouraging riots would the administration import unvetted and unvaccinated criminal aliens and terrorists? Again, I think there are two possible answers.
Create enough civil unrest to justify marshal law to suspend civil liberties and elections or direct this violence against their political opponents. Failure to prosecute criminal acts emboldens the lawless. Murder, mayhem and even unproven vaccines can be used to intimidate or eliminate the opposition.
Those who contend the administration is merely incompetent or deny these catastrophes are intentional underestimate the evil in the hearts of men. History was written in blood. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the current administration is not shy about abusing its power. They simply cannot allow a new administration to audit the 2020 election.
A storm is brewing, ignoring the signs increases our peril. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.
Mike Rodgick
Carson City


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