School district to continue requiring masks until transmission rates fall

The Carson City School District announced Tuesday it will continue to require all individuals, including students, employees, parents, vendors, volunteers, visitors and guests, to wear face coverings when indoors and when on school buses.
Carson City School District’s rate of transmission has been declining in recent weeks, but it is still considered having a “high transmission rate” and the mask requirement must remain in place until county rates reach the “low” category for two consecutive weeks.
Superintendent Richard Stokes, during his report at Tuesday’s school board meeting, said the district will continue to monitor the rate of transmission for now, saying it is the administration’s desire to keep schools open and the probability of exclusion is greatly reduced. 

The temporary mask requirement for students will remain in effect until county transmission rates fall to the “Low” category for two consecutive weeks.

The requirement had been put into place on Sept. 2 in response to increased student exclusions, which have reached up to 526 in the past month, Stokes reported Tuesday.
Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for close contacts, only those were within 3 to 6 feet of infected students would be considered close contacts, if the infected student and the exposed students wore well-fitting masks. If any infected student was not wearing a mask, then an entire class may need to be excluded from school and quarantined for a 10-day period. Vaccinated students do not need to be excluded or quarantined nor do students wearing masks, sitting more than 3 to 6 feet of the infected students.


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