Bighorn News: Senior Spotlight: Stacie Bogdanowicz

Stacie Bogdanowicz

Stacie Bogdanowicz

A huge part of senior Stacie Bogdanowicz’s life has been agriculture. The passion for the subject has been fostered through her youth involvement with Churchill County 4-H as well as during her high school career.
“My favorite class would have to be my Ag Class because it was always a good time and agriculture is a huge part of my life and it always has been,” said Bogdanowicz.
“I have an enormous amount of appreciation for all of my teachers, but I would like to thank Ms. Jackie Bogdanowicz because if it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be at Oasis Academy getting a great education and being with some of the best friends I've ever had.”
That transition from Churchill County High School to Oasis is a memorable moment for Stacie Bogdanowicz. “My favorite memory from Oasis is probably from my sophomore year when I switched from CCHS. All of the students as well as the staff were incredibly welcoming, and they made me feel at home.”
Along with FFA, Stacie Bogdanowicz has been an active participant in Bighorn Athletics including playing volleyball, lacrosse and basketball. She is also the Senior Class president and the Oasis Chapter FFA president.
“I’d also like to thank Mr. Andy Lenon and all of my coaches,” Bogdanowicz said. “Mr. Lenon has always taken an active role in my education. He is very supportive of my academic and extracurricular activities. He always motivates me to achieve higher goals. My coaches have taught me so much both on and off the field/court.”
Stacie Bogdanowicz will graduate in May with her high school diploma as well as her Associate of Arts from Western Nevada College. She plans to attend the University of Nevada, Reno to study kinesiology with the goal of becoming a physical therapist.
“My advice to future students is to have as much fun as you can in high school because it really does go faster than you think,” she added.

Hallie Feest, left, and Anna Springfield


Student Council Leadership Camp
By Lyanne Garcia, Hunter McNabb, Halle Feest, and Anna Springfield

What is it that comes to mind when you think of leadership? Organization? Communication? Confidence? The members of the Oasis Academy College Prep Student Council had the opportunity to explore what leadership looks like and how they can empower their peers through the Student Leadership Camp that was held Nov. 4.
Thirteen juniors in the council planned the all-day camp. Each group worked as junior counselors and mentored their peers through leadership lessons, workshops and general sessions.
“It was a fun day that helped us constructively build up our council, and get kids excited about helping the community,” said Hunter McNabb, one of the event organizers.

Students participate in the Student Leadership Camp.


McNabb also worked with Amora Routt on a workshop that emphasized organization.
The core principles that the young leaders worked to advance were organization, accountability, creativity, mental health, as well as a variety of other important concepts. Students performed research, created lesson plans, and worked together to mentor younger students on the importance of leadership in extracurriculars and life.

“The conference was a fun learning experience for our school, and it was interesting to see what that would look like at our school and with our students,” Lyanne Garcia, a junior counselor added,
Garcia hosted a workshop and several leadership lessons with Ruby Hiskett.
Students closed the productive day with an enlightening speech by the Student Body President Edward Morrow. The leaders spent countless hours of their own time to make the event a success.
Oasis Academy College Prep would like to thank Halle Feest, Anna Springfield, and Hunter McNabb for leading this initiative with the support of their advisor Lisa Swan. The council would also like to thank Thanh Nguyen, Sarah Polish, Natalie Jaques, Amora Routt, Serenity Achurra, Emily Bird, Lyanne Garcia, Ruby Hiskett, Benjamin Utz and Elijah Matter for their time and dedication that they put into this event to make it amazing!


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