Justin Disney

September 28, 1982 - September 28, 2022

Justin Disney returned to stardust on Sept. 28, 2022.

Born in Antioch Ca. Sept 30, 1982, to Karla Nickell.The family made Nevada their home in 1988 where he was enrolled in the CCSD.As a boy he enjoyed playing baseball and being outdoors. He loved anything he could drive. Dirt bikes, sand buggies, go carts. Most of all Justin loved riding his Harley.

Justin will be deeply missed and forever loved by those left behind. Karla and Bryan Wade, parents, Sarah Disney, sister, Jeramiah (Madalynn) Johnston, brother Jerry Keener, brother, Ben (Shelby) Wade, brother, Cheyenne LeFevre, sister, Jason (Abi) Disney Jr., nephew/brother, Brandy (Jeremiah) Brown, cousin/sister, Kade Keener, favorite nephew, Maci Wade, favorite niece, Karen Nickell Davis, aunt, Bill (Shari) Nickell, uncle, Arielle Disney, Ian Disney, Jaxtin Disney, Evie Disney, children. Caitlyn Griffin, fiancé/soulmate, and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins. Also, a large circle of extended family and friends. Justin was greatly loved by those who made this journey before him. Randy Nickell, uncle, Jason Disney Sr., brother, and Betty Nickell, grandmother.

A private memorial has been planned.

The family would like to thank Smith Family Funeral Home and everyone for their love, support, and understanding.